A look inside the Belle Delphine aspired Limited Edition Collectors Case

On February 14th, we successfully launched a Limited Edition Collectors Case with Belle Delphine. We want to take you on a trip through all the pieces that complete this combination that Belle helped us create.

We start with a vintage European aspired faux leather suitcase as our case. The detailing came through on the briefcase, and we believe it was the best way to showcase Belle's aesthetic. As you unbuckle both straps and flip open the lock, you are presented with four of our featured items.

The Belle Delphine aspired keyboard, mouse, the pink coil cable and the 3D mousepad. The keyboard is a pink dream and is coated with pink and white keys. The 29 Cm x 10 Cm x 2cm board is a perfect fit for any gaming space.

A uniquely detailed space bar and the ESC key, and the keyboard's front border printed in paw prints that match the Belle Delphine mouse. Coated in the same pink, the lightweight mouse is an ideal addition to ensure precision-perfect performance. Forwarding to the pink USB type-C coiled cable, a great addition to the combo, is 7 feet long and is undeniably a great way to secure cable organization.

Last but not least, the Belle Delphine 3D mousepad is the show stopper of the collection.

Undeniably a product of its own, from the feel and image resolution detail, this was a great way to tie the collection together! However, this combo was not complete without a gift! We had to throw in six vinyl Belle character stickers and a selfie polaroid taken and signed by Belle just for you! Belle signed over 2000 of these polaroids for all the combos! The Ghost Team and Belle can't wait for you to receive your combo!

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